Enhance the Sparkle with Jewelry Retouching Service

Get the most out of your Jewelry by availing the professional Jewelry retouching service. Learn how jewelry retouching can enhance the sparkle and appeal of your jewelry pieces.

Retouched jewelry images for a polished look

What is
Jewelry Retouching?

Jewelry retouching service is a professional service that uses advanced photo editing techniques to enhance the visual appeal of your jewelry pieces. Whether you have a wedding ring, a necklace, a bracelet, or any other jewelry piece that needs retouching, the Jewelry retouching service can help you achieve the desired look and feel.

Expert retouching for jewelry photography

Why is Pixmango the Best Jewelry Photography Retouching Provider?

Pixmango is a company that specializes in jewelry photography retouching services. We offer various services, including background removal, color correction, and image enhancement. Our team comprises experienced retouching professionals using the latest software and techniques to deliver high-quality results.

One reason Pixmango is considered a top provider in our field is our attention to detail. Jewelry photography requires high precision and expertise, and Pixmango understands this. We work closely with their clients to ensure that the final images meet their specific requirements and are of the highest quality.

Jewelry Retouching Services

Custom jewelry photo retouching
Elegant jewelry image retouching

Background Removal

Background Removal & Retouching refers to removing the background from a photo and improving its overall appearance through retouching techniques. This service is particularly important for jewelry photos as it helps to showcase the product in the best possible way, making it more appealing to potential customers. Here are some of the key features of background removal and retouching:

  • Precise and accurate selection of the product from its background
  • Removal of unwanted objects or distractions from the image
  • Replacement of the original background with a new one or leaving it transparent for future use
  • Adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation levels of the image
  • Cleaning up any dust or scratches on the product surface
  • Enhancing the clarity and sharpness of the image
  • Adjusting the color and tone of the image to achieve a more realistic and appealing look
Diamond jewelry retouching for perfection
High-quality jewelry retouching services

Dust and Reflection Correction

Dust and reflection correction refer to techniques used to correct artifacts in images caused by dust particles or reflections. Here are some of the key features of dust and reflection correction:

  • Can improve the overall clarity and quality of images by removing distracting elements.
  • Dust correction is an essential step in processing astronomical photos as it can remove unwanted noise and artifacts.
  • Remove unwanted reflections or glare from an image caused by a reflective surface.
  • Removing unwanted reflections can help restore the actual color and contrast of an image.
Enhanced jewelry images by retouching experts
Precise jewelry retouching for online stores

Metal Smoothening Service

Metal smoothing service is a process that improves the surface texture and appearance of metallic objects, making them smoother and more visually appealing. Here are some features and benefits of metal smoothing service:

  • Can remove rough spots, scratches, and other imperfections from metal surfaces, resulting in a smooth, polished finish that looks great.
  • Commonly used in aerospace, automotive, medical, and construction industries to improve the appearance, durability, and performance of metal objects.
  • Can be customized to meet specific customer requirements
Jewelry retouching service for sparkling diamonds
Professional jewelry retouching for e-commerce

Mannequin Removal

Mannequin removal refers to removing mannequins from images using photo editing tools. This technique is commonly used in e-commerce product photography to make the products appear more natural and appealing to potential buyers.

Some of the key features of mannequin removal include:

  • Can create images of clothing and other items without the need for actual models
  • Can save time and money in the photography process
  • Can help potential buyers to better envision how the item would look on them, without any distracting elements
  • Can create a more polished and professional look for their online store
Expert jewelry photo editing results
Elegant jewelry image enhancement

Shadow and Mirror Effect

Shadow and mirror effects are popular visual design techniques in graphic design, photography, and other visual media. Here are some key features:

  • It is commonly used to create a sense of realism, depth, and hierarchy in design.
  • Shadows can be added to text, images, or any other object on a page
  • You can adjust the angle, intensity, and color of the shadow to create different effects and moods
  • To create a sense of symmetry and balance in design, as well as to add visual interest and complexity

What is the Cost of Jewelry Photo Retouching Services?

As Pixmango, we are offering high-quality Jewelry retouching services at affordable prices. The cost of our Jewelry retouching service varies depending on the project's complexity, the number of images to be retouched, and the level of editing required.

Typically, our prices start from $5 per image, but we provide discounts for bulk orders. We also offer customized packages for clients with specific needs and budgets.

Our experienced graphic designers and retouchers use the latest software and techniques to ensure that your jewelry images look their best. We can remove scratches, blemishes, and imperfections, adjust colors, and enhance details to create stunning images that showcase the beauty and quality of your jewelry products.

How Does Jewelry
Image Retouching?

Jewelry image retouching is a process used to enhance the appearance of jewelry items in photographs. It involves editing images to correct flaws, highlight details, and create a perfect final image that accurately represents the Jewelry. The process requires a skilled photo editor with experience working with jewelry images. Here's how jewelry retouching works:


Image Selection

The first step in the Jewelry retouching process is selecting the best image. The chosen image must have good lighting, focus, and composition, and be suitable for retouching.


Cleaning Up

After selecting the image, the editor will start by cleaning up any dust, scratches, or other blemishes on the Jewelry. This involves using various photo editing software tools to carefully remove imperfections and create a clean, smooth surface.


Adjusting Color and Exposure

Once the Jewelry has been cleaned up, the editor will adjust the color and exposure of the image to ensure that the colors of the Jewelry are accurately represented. This involves adjusting the image's brightness, contrast, and color balance.


Sharpening Details

The next step is to sharpen the details of the Jewelry. This includes enhancing the brilliance of the stones, increasing the depth of the shadows, and making sure that all details are sharp and clear.


Removing Background

After sharpening details, the background is removed to create a clean, isolated image of the Jewelry. This is especially important when the Jewelry needs to be superimposed onto different backgrounds or used in various marketing collaterals.


Resizing and Cropping

Finally, the image is resized and cropped to the required specifications, whether it's for an online store, print media, or social media platforms.

Jewelry photo editing for e-commerce

Why Consider Jewelry Retouching Service?

If you have jewelry pieces that have lost their luster and shine, you might be thinking of getting rid of them. However, before you do that, consider the following reasons to opt for Jewelry retouching service:


Jewelry Photo Retouching is a cost-effective way to enhance the visual appeal of your jewelry collection without having to buy new jewelry pieces.

Preserve Memories

Jewelry often carries sentimental value. By retouching your Jewelry, you can preserve the memories associated with it and keep it as a family heirloom.

Sell Your Jewelry

If you're planning to sell your Jewelry, retouching can significantly increase its value and help you get a better price.

Attract Attention

A retouched piece of Jewelry can stand out and attract attention, making it ideal for showcasing your jewelry collection.

What are the Benefits of Jewelry Retouching Service?

The service is crucial for jewelry businesses that want to showcase their products in the best possible way. Here are some of the benefits of jewelry retouching service:

Enhanced Visual Appeal

Jewelry retouching can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your jewelry pieces, making them look as good as new.

Consistent Quality

By using advanced photo editing techniques, jewelry retouching can ensure that all your jewelry pieces have a consistent quality and appeal.

Better Sales

If you're planning to sell your Jewelry, retouching can increase its value and help you get better sales.


Jewelry retouching service is a cost-effective way to get the most out of your jewelry collection without having to spend any extra cost needed.

How It Works

Pixmango is an online platform where you can create stunning graphic designs for various purposes, such as social media posts, marketing materials, business cards, and much more. So, let's go through how it works:


Upload Your Photo

To get started, simply upload the photo that you want to edit. You can do this by clicking on the "Upload" button on the home page and selecting the photo from your computer or device.


Select the Editing Service You Need

Once your photo has been uploaded, you can choose the editing service that you need. The services available on pixmango.com include color correction, photo retouching, image restoration, and more.


Submit Your Order

After selecting the editing service that you need, you can submit your order by providing any additional instructions or specifications for the editing. You will also need to provide your contact information and payment details.


Receive Your Edited Photo

Once your order has been processed and completed, you will receive your edited photo via email or download link, depending on your preference. You can then review the edited photo and request revisions or changes if necessary.


Download and Use Your Edited Photo

After reviewing and approving your edited photo, you can download and use it for your intended purpose, whether that be for personal or commercial use.

Frequently Asked Questions

The time required to complete a Jewelry retouching project depends on the complexity of the project and the number of jewelry pieces. However, most projects can be completed within a few days to a week.
No, you don't need to send your jewelry pieces to the retouching service provider. You can simply take high-quality photographs of your jewelry pieces and send them to the service provider.
Yes, jewelry retouching can remove scratches from your jewelry pieces and make them look as good as new.
Yes, jewelry retouching is safe for your Jewelry as it doesn't involve any physical contact with the jewelry piece.